First shown 9.3.-26.3.2023 @ B-galleria, Turku

The Art Piece ”Yggdrasil”: A Digital Exploration of Sacred Mythology

In this exhibition, we showcase the digital sculpture ”Yggdrasil”, a contemporary interpretation of the ancient Norse myth of the world tree. The piece was created using a game engine and is presented as a video screening.

The work invites viewers to question their relationship with nature and technology. Through its creation and presentation, ”Yggdrasil” explores the interplay between the artificial and the sacred, and the potential for digital art to bridge the gap between our physical and virtual realities.

By blending traditional mythological elements with modern technology, the artist presents ”Yggdrasil” as a rebirth, a rendition, a meme, or an illusion – depending on the viewer’s worldview. The correlation between the three-world mythology found in many cultures and the creation of ”Yggdrasil” speaks to the deep-seated human need for shared stories that connect us with the natural world and its beings.

We invite visitors to engage with this thought-provoking work and to consider the role of technology in shaping our perceptions and understanding of the world around us. ”Yggdrasil” serves as a powerful reminder of the timeless importance of our connection to nature and the power of art to inspire reflection and introspection.

Yggdrasil, video 19min, first edition 2023

Yggdrasil has been worked with during the residence at posthuman art network.


The work has been supported by TOP Foundation, Turku Art Association and Arts Promotion Centre Finland. ChatGPT has helped with the production of the exhibition descripton.